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From cuisines to ingredients and elements of dining experiences, the quality in culinary trends range from new favorites to past comebacks; the pursuit of food trends are making a hit harder than ever. If they aren’t in your local community just yet, they will be likely to arrive shortly. Here are five trends that define 2017.

French Restaurants

After World War 2, American quickly fell in love with French dining as the country was known for its rich dishes. Many of the dishes have been included for so long that even a quick return would be long overdue.

Korean Cuisine

With such demands of Korean cuisine, we wonder why it wasn’t popular before. From delicious tofu soups to Bi bim bap, Kimchi, and seafood pancakes, there are so many options available to suit your palates. Now that America finally understands the concept of Korean cuisine, more restaurants are mingling with global ideas and flavorings.

Black Walnuts Are the New Flavor

Black walnuts are largely used for home baking. Lately, fresh-thinking culinary artists have incorporated black walnuts as flavorful accents to dishes. The tannic, savory, and smoky flavor is used sparingly.

Chawanmushi in Luxe Showcasing

Chawanmushi is a Japanese staple that is a savory egg custard set with dashi instead or cream or milk. Its elements make up the perfect detail for showboating luxurious ingredients.

Crab Rangoon is the Current Dumpling Crave

As a veteran of Chinese-American menus, the crab Rangoon dumpling is a straightforward dish that is now an addictive snack when prepared with quality ingredients. Today, countless chefs have revamped the Chinese-American favorite with honey walnut shrimp, sweet and sour pork, and even almond boneless chicken.


Photo taken from: https://thefoodpeople.co.uk/infographics/food-beverage-trends-2016-17

What is your favorite food trend this year? What ones haven’t you tried? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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